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Enhance your ways of measuring the institute’s success and digitalize the Course Outcomes, Program Outcomes, and CO-PO Mappings with MasterSoft’s Outcome Based Education Software

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What Is Outcome-Based Education (OBE)?

Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is an approach to education that emphasizes the learning outcomes of students over the traditional input-based approach. OBE focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students should be able to demonstrate upon completing a course or program. It is a learner-centered approach that focuses on the individual needs and goals of students and seeks to prepare them for success in the real world.

In an OBE system, educators use clearly defined learning outcomes to design curriculum and assessment, and students are actively engaged in the learning process. OBE has been widely adopted in many schools, colleges, and universities, and has been shown to be effective in improving student achievement and preparing students for college and career success.


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MasterSoft Outcome Based Education

  • Assess, analyze and map student’s success with MasterSoft’s Outcome Based Education Software. Conduct regular evaluation, generate attainment reports, and map the success rate with an automated system. Map course outcomes, program outcomes, and students’ performance with high efficiency and ease.

  • Simplify the processes of generating huge reports in required formats and secure all the data with robust solutions by MasterSoft.

Outcome Based Education Vs Traditional Education

  • Students are assessed on an ongoing basis
  • Learning is objective student-centered, the teacher facilitates and constantly applies team work to consolidate the new approach
  • Visible indicators for Student Learning Outcome (SLO) achievement (Rubric)
  • Grades are calculated from total scores on assessment of specific SLOs
  • Grades are offered based on links between SLOs and activities, assignments, tests, etc.
  • Emphasizes the development of practical skills and knowledge relevant to real-world situations
  • Active Learners
  • Learning programmes are seen as guides that enable instructors to be creative in designing their courses and need based curriculum
  • Students take ownership of their education and are encouraged by positive feedback
  • Encourages collaboration, teamwork and interdisciplinary learning.
  • An exam-driven approach
  • Learning is subjective and teacher-centered (textbook/worksheet-bound)
  • Vague and invisible criteria for product quality/holistic grading
  • Grades are calculated from the total number of scores on assignments, activities, exams, etc
  • Grades are offered based on activities, assignments, tests, etc.
  • Content-driven and focuses on providing information rather than developing skills
  • Passive Learners
  • Syllabus seen as rigid and nonnegotiable
  • The motivation of students depends on the personality of the teachers
  • Limited opportunities for collaborative learning and interdisciplinary studies


Outcome Based Education (OBE) Framework

MasterSoft’s Outcome Based Education System is a comprehensive software that enables higher education institutions to meet the guidelines of the NBA

Vision & Mission
Program Educational Objective
Mission PEO Mapping
Program Outcomes (PO / PSO)
PO PEO Mapping
Course Outcomes (CO)
CO PO Mapping
  • Course Syllabus
  • Padalogy
  • Learning Process
  • Assessments
  • Direct Attainment
Assessment Attainment
CO Attainment
PO/ PSO Attainment
PEO Attainment
Mission Attainment
  • Indirect Attainment
Feedback Configurations
Feedback Collection
Feedback Attainment


Levels of Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

  • Program Educational Objectives

    Program educational objectives are the statements that give an idea of the professional and career achievements that the students are expected to achieve by the end of the academic program. The courses are preparing the students to accomplish those goals before graduating.

  • Program Outcomes

    POs defines expertise the students are expected to gain by the end of a program. They deal with the general aspect of a graduation program. It tells what a program should be able to do for its own improvement or to support the institute and divisional goals.

  • Program Specific Outcomes

    Program-specific outcomes define the expertise expected from the student by the end of any course. It is different for every course based on what field of expertise the students are studying for, over the course duration. They are expected to be aligned with the graduate attributes.

  • Course Outcomes

    COs are specific to every domain. These are the attributes and qualities the students should have gained by the end of every course. It defines the knowledge and skills the student is expected to learn by the end of a specific course.


Key Benefits of Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

High Efficiency

The software reduces the manual workload of the teachers and helps them to focus on student’s progress

Easy Report Generation

Generates required reports in word, doc, PDF, and other formats as per the accreditation requirements

Better Communication and Transparency

The software increases transparency and communication among faculty, students, and parents regarding student’s performance

Automation of Processes

The software automates all the processes, carries out calculations, mapping and gives attainment reports in a few clicks

High Security

The system offers high security and data privacy on the cloud platforms along with safe data backup

Easy CO-PO Mapping

The software generates automatic reports of CO and PO attainment and mapping for large data


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Outcome-based education (OBE) is an educational approach that is focused on goal-oriented learning. It enables teachers to pre-define the educational expectations from the students & map them throughout the learning sessions via regular assessments to improve learning outcomes.

  • The main purpose of outcome-based education is to make it clear for the students about what is expected of them by the end of the course. It aims to make them capable of fulfilling the industry requirements for job opportunities in the future.

    • Regular assessment to understand student’s performance
    • Gives them clarity of what is expected of them
    • Re-designing of studying methods for optimal results
    • Helps them gain skills and knowledge by the end of the course
    • Teacher’s guidance throughout the course
    • Improves other skills and professionalism and teamwork


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